Did You Know the Misfits are Playing?
October 23, 2014

Did You Know the Misfits are Playing?

Of course Alternative Control is hosting our own awesome Halloween show.  We’ve got bands, homemade cookies, and even a $100 gift certificate to Park City…

Places To Go – The Theatre!
October 16, 2014

Places To Go – The Theatre!

Why on earth would anyone want to go to the theatre? That’s a good question. These days it seems the theatre has become a breeding…

October 18, 2011

Pimp Your Pumpkin

  Ah, yes. Rocktober. I mean, Cocktober. I mean, October! Sorry, too busy thinking about what I’m going to do with my pumpkin to come…

October 16, 2011

A Little Night Music

  Hey folks. I guess I needed to post my own Halloween article, so it doesn’t seem like I’m a holiday hater. I decided to…

October 3, 2011

F-You, Remakes

I don’t care if they call it a remake, a “reboot” or a re-envisioning, the current trend of taking perfectly good horror movies and making…