FreshTrends Body Jewelry: Nose Rings Galore

In the world of body piercing, I’m on the conservative end — just a couple sets of standard holes in the ears and nostril ring were all I ever wanted.  I got my nosed pierced for five dollars at a mall ear piercing stand when I was seventeen, and that was the beginning and the end of my body piercing adventure.  My choice of jewelry is similarly vanilla: usually just a stainless steel hoop, which I buy a few at a time at Utopia in Norwalk.

So when FreshTrends Body Jewelry asked if I would review some of their products, I was eager for the chance to mix it up a little.  They had L-shape, bone, twist, fishtail, and hoop rings available, in a seemingly endless array of colors, accents, and materials.  I ordered a hoop with a gemstone and then an L-shape with a gemstone.  The nose ring buying guide was helping in deciding between the different styles.

While I was at it, I figured I’d get some regular earrings too.  I picked a set of anchor studs and an earring chain-to-cuff.  (I don’t have my cartilage pierced anymore — it closed up many moons ago.)

I received the anchor earrings two days after ordering; the nose rings and ear cuff came the following week, within seven days of my order. I am satisfied with the quality of all the jewelry, especially for the price — they may have only cost a couple dollars, but the earrings don’t turn my ears green!

Overall, I would recommend FreshTrends Body Jewelry to our readers — they have low prices and a vast selection of jewelry for things I didn’t even know you could pierce.  Visit their website to see for yourself!

freshtrends ear cuff

I was compensated for this post and FreshTrends provided review products free of charge.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Zoni Macabre

    Omg freshtrends is the absolute best! Their variety is huge – only have 2$ and need 7 piercings? Check out their sales–> you can get real titanium or metallic jewelry (any kind) for cents, not $$! If you want a 24k gold ear wrap or a marble 00 gauge for 200-300$? They got some gorgeous selections! Check them out! And message me on instagram (@ZEFZoniMacabre) for any codes or discounts if you can’t find any! ♥️ Thx for the info, I have 16? Piercings now, so it’s cool to see a conservative piercing appreciater notice how cool fresh trends actually is.

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