Review of New Xenosis Album Haunted Skies
November 1, 2012

Review of New Xenosis Album Haunted Skies

Progressive death metal is an oft-overlooked genre in the vast expanses of Metal-dom.  While sharing in the knuckle-dragging brutality of traditional death metal, the progressive…

October 4, 2012

Reader’s Choice: An Interview with Alcoholicaust

Alternative Control’s second reader’s choice column is a virtual sitdown with Bristol black metal band Alcoholicaust.  With their offensive nicknames and strangely catchy songs, Alcoholicaust…

September 29, 2012

“Post-Something, Black-Something”

  Every couple months, I become intrigued with a band I find on the internet.  First it was Valient Thorr, next it was Barn Burner… …

September 20, 2012

Scene Haikus

  Where is the sound guy? Smoking weed behind dumpster Keyboards are too low