October 4, 2012

Reader’s Choice: An Interview with Alcoholicaust

Alternative Control’s second reader’s choice column is a virtual sitdown with Bristol black metal band Alcoholicaust.  With their offensive nicknames and strangely catchy songs, Alcoholicaust…

September 29, 2012

“Post-Something, Black-Something”

  Every couple months, I become intrigued with a band I find on the internet.  First it was Valient Thorr, next it was Barn Burner… …

September 20, 2012

Scene Haikus

  Where is the sound guy? Smoking weed behind dumpster Keyboards are too low

September 5, 2012

Bagman Reviews Priapism’s Prey, Pay, Obey

By Bob Bagman Originally published in Metal Cyndicate. I’ve known the guys in Priapism for quite some time, so I really can’t find the words to…